Starting your All-natural spa is as easy as these steps…

New Spa Directions

Water mold and bacteria may have collected in your garden hose and will contaminate the spa water.  To prevent this, follow this easy steps:

1. Shut off nozzle end of your garden hose, place 1/2 tsp of chlorine granules (99% sodium dichlor) down the spigot end of the hose, attach to the spigot and fill.  Let sit for 5-minutes, then flush.

2. Fill spa. The Natural Hot Tub Company’s ® garden hose Pre-Filter is highly recommended to help eliminate the need for additional chemicals. If you are on a well, you can use water from your household water softener systems.

3. Shock with 2 teaspoons of Spa Chlorine Granules (99% sodium dichlor) for hot tubs & spas up to 500 gallons. (1 tsp for 250 gallon or less) New hot tubs & spas are water tested at the factory and some still have this old water left in the lines.  ‘Shocking’ the water the first day is recommended to resolve this issue.

4. After temperature reaches 90 degrees or above, shake well and add The Natural Hot Tub Company ® Water Treatment & Conditioner. (1/2-bottle for spas up to 250 gallons or 1-full bottle for spas up to 500 gallons)

5. Run all pumps on high with all jets open for 5-minutes and enjoy. Check your water with a reliable test strip the next day, and only adjust if necessary.

Conversion Directions for Older Hot Tubs & Spas

This conversion takes 5-days.  The Natural Hot Tub Company® Penetrating Cleanser works well in removing past chemical build-up in hot tubs & spas equipment and lines.  This water will have a higher concentration of chemicals used in the past and hot tubs & spas should not be used during this time.  Please read instructions completely before starting.1. Remove filter(s) and leave out during this 5-day cleansing cycle. Purchase new filters if they are over 1 year old. Clean filters that are less than a year old with The Natural Hot Tub Company® Filter Soak.

2. Add 1-full bottle of The Natural Hot Tub Company ® Penetrating Spa Cleanser into your existing water, regardless of how old the water is or what chemicals have been used in the past.  Be sure all jets are open.  Two bottles are recommended if hot tubs & spas are over 5-years old.

3. Maintain temperature at 90 degrees or higher & run filtration for a minimum of 6-8 hrs per day, 24-7 is best.

4. After 5 days, turn off breaker & drain.

5. Clean under headrests & bottom of cover with The Natural Hot Tub Company’s ® Filter-Soak or Penetrating Spa Cleanser by using 1 capful to 1 cup of warm water.* Never use anything with soap or anything which leave a soap residue. This is a good time to inspect your cover for any tears, which would allow contaminated water to drip back into your spa water.  If your cover has any rips or tears we highly recommend purchasing a new one.

6. ‘Back Flush’ by shutting off spa drain, put garden hose into the filter area, and fill until bottom area of spa is full or at least 6-8 inches high.  Rinse thoroughly and drain this water out.

7. Put clean or new filter(s) back in, turn breaker on. Then complete instructions for New Spas.

Your Benefits

  • No chemical spa odor
  • No more scum build-up
  • Reduces or eliminates itching & rashes
  • Leaves skin luxuriously soft & silky-smooth
  • Spend less time on maintenance
  • Easier filter cleaning
  • Put your mind at ease knowing you are helping our environment

Did You Know?

The simple act of immersing in warm water promotes healthy bodies, hearts, minds and lifestyles.

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