Minimum Advertised Price Policy

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

The Natural Hot Tub Company® we are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality and value available. We have built an excellent reputation with our dealers and end customers in each of our fields of interest. We believe that heavy discounting would be detrimental to The Natural Hot Tub Company® brand name and image. This type of activity also threatens the profit margins of our valued dealers. To that effect, we feel it necessary to enact the following policy with regard to the advertised price.

The Natural Hot Tub Company® management will, without prior notice, discontinue selling our products to any retailer or dealer who intentionally or repetitively advertises prices below (MAP). The (MAP) policy only applies to advertised prices and does not apply to the prices at which the products are actually sold by our dealers. The (MAP) policy applies to all advertisements in any and all media including print, radio, television, internet, e-mail, or any other electronic medium. You can advertise any of our products online without any e-commerce sales. We already have online distributors who follow these guidelines.

The MAP policy does not apply to any ‘in store’ advertising. Pricing may be omitted entirely from advertisement. “Strike-Through” or “Mark-Out” prices acceptable provided that the price reflected on the advertisement is at or above the (MAP). Bundled promotions do not violate the policy provided that the MAP of the product price is noted separately.

The Natural Hot Tub Company® may suspend or alter (MAP) pricing at its sole discretion within 30 days advance notice to distributors or dealers. The terms of this (MAP) policy are not to be disclosed to other parties. The intent of this policy is to protect the interests of both The Natural Hot Tub Company® and our dealers and to continue to support our industry image and reputation. We believe that this will continue to enable us to build strong partnerships with our valued dealers.

The Natural Hot Tub Company® (MAP) Pricing as follows:

  • $39.95 / Water Treatment & Conditioner
  • $32.95 / Penetrating Spa Cleanser
  • $32.95 / Filter-Soak
  • $100.95 / Starter Kit (1 of each)

I Agree To The Terms & Conditions Described In The (MAP) Policy Above:



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Your Benefits

  • No chemical spa odor
  • No more scum build-up
  • Reduces or eliminates itching & rashes
  • Leaves skin luxuriously soft & silky-smooth
  • Spend less time on maintenance
  • Easier filter cleaning
  • Put your mind at ease knowing you are helping our environment

Did You Know?

The simple act of immersing in warm water promotes healthy bodies, hearts, minds and lifestyles.

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