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Treatment makes hot tubs healthy and environmentally sound

The words “green,” “healthy” and “hot tubs” have rarely been used in the same sentence in the past, but that’s changing because of a group of products that The Natural Hot Tub Company® is distributing. These enzyme-based products are so pure, no warning labels are required, and produce water that can be emptied from hot tubs directly onto lawns and trees, when cooled down with no harm.

It is a revolutionary concept in the industry, one that has formerly cautious hot tub purchasers enthusiastically enjoying the newly emphasized healing effects of hot tubs. The Full Circle Spa Program comes in a kit that contains all-natural water treatment & conditioner, spa cleanser, filter-soak and carbon block pre-filter, treating water before it enters the tub. Some of that water in the past has come through garden hoses infused with lead and bacteria posing dangers to consumers. It is neutralized as it enters the tub then treated with the water treatment & conditioner leaving the skin silky-smooth with no itching or dryness.

Now that hot tubs are being used more and more for health benefits, they can be eco-friendly as well. Water treated with The Natural Hot Tub Company’s® products ensures that water drained into our ground water systems and public waterways is environmentally safe.

It has been shown in recent studies and publications-foremost among them Hot Water & Healthy Living, by Dr. J.B. Smith of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and published by the National Swimming Pool Foundation-that hot water “helps create healthier bodies, hearts, minds and lifestyles.” Further information on this book can be found at

According to a study out of Colorado, soaking in a hot tub can benefit those with Type 2 Diabetes and the hot tub has been shown to give relief to arthritis sufferers with its soothing warmth. Hot tubs are often used for stress relief and the relief of temporary pain caused from exercise.
Now, they can be environmentally friendly, as well, with the use of The Full Circle Spa Program from The Natural Hot Tub Company® .

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